A Series of Family Roadtrips to America’s West

  • Hauns Go West 2014 Has Begun!

    Hauns Go West 2014 Has Begun!

    It’s time for another Haun roadtrip out west. This time our main goal is Yellowstone National Park. On the way we plan on visiting the Rockies and Dinosaur National Monument. On the way back we hope to see Mt Rushmore, Badlands, and some friends in Minnesota. As in the past, Heidi will fly out to…

  • TN-GA State Line

    TN-GA State Line

    After the wedding we headed back home to Georgia on October 24th. We passed through Sweetwater, TN and stopped to say hi to my grandparents. Then, 62 miles later we made our final state line photo. What a trip!

  • KY-TN State Line

    KY-TN State Line

    Second to last state before we got home!

  • Ye Ole’ Kentucky Farm

    Ye Ole’ Kentucky Farm

    After Mammoth Cave we drove towards Lexington to my aunt’s home and small farm (technically, she’s not my aunt but my first cousin once removed). The drive to their property was beautiful – old stone walls, those classic Kentucky wooden fences, and autumn colors everywhere. We arrived just before sunset and got a tour of…

  • Trey Pics: CO, MO & KY

    Here is the last round of photos pulled from Trey’s camera on our trip. He didn’t use the camera quite as much and we didn’t stop nearly as often in the Midwest as we had out West. He still took some good ones!

  • Mammoth Cave National Park, KY

    Mammoth Cave National Park, KY

    Once you’ve seen Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, it’s hard to be impressed by many other cave systems. What Mammoth Cave has going for it is its sheer size (hence the name). It doesn’t boast much for underground rock formations and cool colored lights to illuminate them but does have over 390 miles of known…

  • A Fall Hike Above Mammoth Cave, KY

    A Fall Hike Above Mammoth Cave, KY

    We arrived at Mammoth Cave National Park in the late afternoon and setup our tent at the camp site. We had missed the last cave tour so we bought tickets for the first one the next morning and then headed out for a short hike. We took the Green River Bluffs Trail which led us…

  • Il-IN State Line

    Il-IN State Line

    We missed the Illinois state line photo since it was in the middle of the bridge over the Mississippi River. The next morning we stopped at the Indiana state line on our way to Kentucky and its Mammoth Cave.

  • St. Louis Zoo, MO

    St. Louis Zoo, MO

    Our last stop on our busy one-day tour of St. Louis was its zoo. Thanks to a cultural tax, admission to our nation’s top-rated zoo is free the public. That’s right – over 19,300 exotic animals that I could take my son to see and appreciate for free. We didn’t anticipate the 5pm closing time…

  • Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, MO

    Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, MO

    Another St. Louis landmark my uncle highly recommended was the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. He was right again! It was incredible! It seemed like every square inch of wall, floor, and ceiling inside was covered in mosaics. I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life! The impressive mosaics in the cathedral were…