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  • Pike’s Peak, CO Panoramas

    Pike’s Peak, CO Panoramas

    Here are a couple panoramas I made on Pike’s Peak. The first is of the cog railway, the second of the barren ground and view from Devil’s Playground. Click the panoramas to open them in a new window. You may have to then click them again to enlarge them in your browser.

  • Pike’s Peak, CO

    Pike’s Peak was the most memorable location for Trey from our trip. He often refers to it as “that mountain with the snow.” He was so excited to get to play in the snow and throw snowballs. Before going up the long 19-mile stretch of road to the peak I checked the oil in the […]

  • Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO

    Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO

    Great Sand Dunes is our favorite. SinceOf the National Parks we’ve visited (which is a lot, but we’ve barely scratched the surface), our first visit in 2006, we’ve returned twice to camp and explore the fascinating, ever-changing dunes. The ecology of the place is so diverse that it makes for a wonderful educational experience, but […]

  • Journal: Wet Bottoms & Toxic Fumes

    Journal: Wet Bottoms & Toxic Fumes

    The Rockies are the kind of destination that make you forget every where else you’ve been and every where else you wanted to go. You could stay in the Rocky Mountain National Park for weeks and never see every lake or waterfall and never hike every trail and peak. So here’s the run down of […]

  • Black & White Photos from Rockies

    Black & White Photos from Rockies

  • Big Thompson Canyon, CO

    Big Thompson Canyon, CO

    Back in 1976 there was a terrible flash flood in this canyon that the highway runs through. Tyler Ross told us we had to pass through Big Thompson Canyon on our way to the Rockies. And boy was he right!  It was incredible!