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  • Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, MO

    Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, MO

    Another St. Louis landmark my uncle highly recommended was the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. He was right again! It was incredible! It seemed like every square inch of wall, floor, and ceiling inside was covered in mosaics. I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life! The impressive mosaics in the cathedral were…

  • Cathedral of the Plains, KS

    Cathedral of the Plains, KS

    Our first landmark in western Kansas was a bit overhyped. Our second landmark was the famed “Cathedral of the Plains” which turned out not to be a cathedral at all – a designation that requires the church be the seat of a bishop. Nonetheless, the church is especially impressive when you consider that the town…

  • Great Sand Dunes at Dawn (w/ Panorama)

    Great Sand Dunes at Dawn (w/ Panorama)

    Here are some scenes from a crisp October morning at Great Sand Dunes National Monument in southern Colorado. The panoramic photo is a high dynamic range composite of over 50 individual photos. The actual print size is 8.3 x 1.2 feet! Click to view full panoramic image in a new window

  • Mesa Verde National Park

    Mesa Verde National Park

    This national park came highly recommended by a friend; she especially said that Trey would like it. She was dead on! The climbing and crawling that this historic site’s tours entail is a little boy’s adventure dreamland. I was a bit worried that Trey wouldn’t sit through the history lectures the guides gave, but he stayed…

  • Colorado National Monument

    Colorado National Monument

    Folks around Grand Junction and Fruita, Colorado just call it “The Monument.” It was there long before man first settled this remote area in western Colorado. What fascinated me most about this National Monument’s history was the story of the area’s first explorer, John Otto who called it “the heart of the world.” The man…

  • Colorado National Monument Panoramas

    Colorado National Monument Panoramas

    Here are two HDR panoramas made at different lookout points over Monument Valley in Colorado Nat’l Monument near Grand Junction. Looking north to Independence Monument in Colorado National Monument Looking southeast across Monument Valley near Grand Junction, CO

  • Arches Nat’l Park Panoramas

    Arches Nat’l Park Panoramas

    Arches National Park not only has some of the most incredible landmarks on this planet, but they have been given some cool names. Names like Garden of Eden, Devil’s Playground, Parade of Elephants, Tower of Babel, Fiery Furnace, Three Gossips, Dark Angel Arch… Here are four panoramas I stitched together from photographs I took back…

  • Trey in Arches National Park

    Trey in Arches National Park

    We spent 2 1/2 days in Arches National Park and did a fair amount of hiking. Though you can see a lot of the landmarks from your car, the best ones (and the best views) are obtained by hiking. The longest hike we did was 4.2 mile round-trip trek to see Double O Arch. Here…

  • A Couple Random Utah Pics

    A Couple Random Utah Pics

    Took these between Capitol Reef National Park and Hanksville, Utah. We were just leaving the storms that had plagued us for the last three days.

  • Bryce Canyon National Park

    Bryce Canyon National Park

    The weather wasn’t cooperating in Zion so we left two days early. We drove northeast to Bryce Canyon National Park hoping for sunnier skies. We didn’t find any. I put up our tent in the rain and the downpour forced us to a nearby hotel restaurant for dinner. Apparently, every single other tourist in the…