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  • Journal: Surfing USSR

    Journal: Surfing USSR

    Dear Friends of Arkansas, We must open this letter with an apology. Our snide comments in the last letter were directed towards Arkansas and we should point out that they were meant only towards EAST Arkansas. The Ozarks of West Arkansas redeemed the state. A thunderstorm hit us while traveling northwest through the Ozarks and […]

  • Great Salt Plains, OK

    Great Salt Plains, OK

    Great Salt Plains claims to be the world’s only location where people can freely dig and mine for selenite crystals. We gave it a try but couldn’t figure out what the big deal was. We found a dozen or so, but they were small and dirty. Just seeing the place was great – the size […]

  • Osage Hills, OK

    Osage Hills, OK

    A densely wooded park nestled in lush, rolling hills, this area was once an Osage Indian settlement.

  • MO-OK State Line

    MO-OK State Line

    The sun was going down and we wanted to get to our campground before dark so this was a quick stop. Oddly enough, though it was out in the middle of nowhere, there was a liquor store and tatoo parlor there. Everybody needs ’em, I guess.