The original HAUNS GO WEST…

…took place in 2004 after Heidi suggested we visit her sister in San Francisco. What began as a simple vacation turned into an elaborate 25 day road trip that took us through 17 states from Florida to California and back. Along the way we visited and camped in as many National Parks & Monuments as possible, documenting the journey with photos & video.

It was an incredible summer that we will never forget. We grew to love America with its incredible natural beauty and diversity. We grew artistically as we collaborated on photography and videos. Most importantly, we grew closer to each other.

Not too long ago we were asked what were the highlights of our 9+ years of marriage – we both replied HAUNS GO WEST.

In 2006, my job and Heidi’s medical studies only allowed us a week for a “mini” Hauns Go West. We visited good friends in Colorado and explored more that state that was our favorite from the 2004 road trip. (photos here)

In 2008, the Hauns went west again – back to Colorado. This time it was different – our family had grown. Trey was a natural and loved the adventure as much as his mom & dad. (photos here)

Here we go again…

Six years after the original journey Heidi suggested we visit her sister again (she now lives in San Diego). What began as a simple vacation has turned into an elaborate 40(?) day road trip that will take us through 14 states from Georgia to California and back.

This time instead of a husband & wife road trip, the majority of the journey will be a father & son duo. Heidi will use her limited vacation time to fly out West and meet us for parts of the trip.

We’re looking forward to having another incredible summer that we will never forget. Trey will see & experience things that most won’t in a lifetime.

You’re invited to follow the adventure via this web site through the photos and videos we post as once again the HAUNS GO WEST.