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  • TN-GA State Line

    TN-GA State Line

    After the wedding we headed back home to Georgia on October 24th. We passed through Sweetwater, TN and stopped to say hi to my grandparents. Then, 62 miles later we made our final state line photo. What a trip!

  • GA-AL State Line

    GA-AL State Line

    Our first day of travel was a great balance of driving and sight-seeing. We drove a little over 2 hours to the state line where we took a little photo & bathroom break. Another 45 minutes and we were in the Talledega National Forest at Cheaha State Park. After picnicking and hiking for a couple…

  • Announcing Hauns Go West 2010

    Announcing Hauns Go West 2010

    In 2004, Heidi and I took an epic road trip from Florida to California and back. We called the journey HAUNS GO WEST and documented it online at this very web site. Now, 6 years later, we’re doing it again. Trey and I will drive from Macon, Georgia to San Diego, California and back. On…

  • GA-AL State Line

    GA-AL State Line

    We ate our continental breakfast (oh so yummy), swiped enough bananas to get through the day, and took off at 7AM.  Being Sunday there is NOBODY on the road.  Easy driving.  After taking our state line photos I made a friend who wanted to tag along to California (see photos).

  • Matthew & Lauren’s Wedding, GA

    Matthew & Lauren’s Wedding, GA

    Our friends Matthew Threadgill and Lauren Gibson were married on Saturday, June 19 at United Snellville Methodist Church. I had the honor of being one of Matthew’s groomsmen and Heidi and I were also the videographers of the occasion.

  • GA-FL State Line

    GA-FL State Line

    I guess we’ll try and do the “photo at every state sign” thing.  Only 17 more to go.