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  • Great Sand Dunes at Dawn (w/ Panorama)

    Great Sand Dunes at Dawn (w/ Panorama)

    Here are some scenes from a crisp October morning at Great Sand Dunes National Monument in southern Colorado. The panoramic photo is a high dynamic range composite of over 50 individual photos. The actual print size is 8.3 x 1.2 feet! Click to view full panoramic image in a new window

  • Valley of Fire Videos

    Valley of Fire Videos

    Some short video clips from our time at Valley of Fire in Nevada. First off, is Trey playing his harmonica at sunrise. Next is just one of the many rock formations we climbed – Trey loved climbing rocks. Finally, a cool little slot canyon we found. Trey calls all slot canyons and caves his “rock […]

  • Valley of Fire Panoramas

    Valley of Fire Panoramas

    Valley of Fire State Park was a wonderful surprise after our stop in Las Vegas. My photographer friend Larry Brown suggested we stop there and now I’m doing my best to get the word out to others about this wonder of creation. If you are ever in Las Vegas, NV for more than a couple […]

  • Journal: Wet Bottoms & Toxic Fumes

    Journal: Wet Bottoms & Toxic Fumes

    The Rockies are the kind of destination that make you forget every where else you’ve been and every where else you wanted to go. You could stay in the Rocky Mountain National Park for weeks and never see every lake or waterfall and never hike every trail and peak. So here’s the run down of […]

  • Rockies at Dawn

    Rockies at Dawn

    In the freezing cold, we hiked to the nearest peak to get some sunrise photos. We were also lucky enough to see some big horn sheep while up that early.