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  • Phantastes Underground

    Phantastes Underground

    First off, before even looking at these images go order yourself a copy of George MacDonald’s PHANTASTES. The man was C.S.Lewis’ inspiration (Lewis didn’t write a single book that didn’t quote MacDonald at least once) and the fantasy world he creates in that novel is nothing short of beautiful. Ordered it? Good. Now you can […]

  • Panoramas from Down in Carlsbad Caverns

    Panoramas from Down in Carlsbad Caverns

    It was really hard to capture the immense size of the caverns 750 feet underground on camera. I ended up doing some panoramas, a couple of which were HDRs. The largest HDR panorama is a composite of 33 photos that creates a final image that has a resolution of 90 megapixels! Panorama of Carlsbad Caverns […]

  • Ancient Rock Shelter in Carlsbad Caverns

    Ancient Rock Shelter in Carlsbad Caverns

    American Indians apparently inhabited this area, particularly a large cliff overhang at the base of the canyon wall. Ashes, charcoal, rocks broken by heat, pieces of bone, and flint flakes have been found in the rock shelter. It is possible that this site has been used by many cultural groups, ranging back in time from […]

  • Carlsbad Caverns’ Bat Flight

    Carlsbad Caverns’ Bat Flight

    Six years ago when Heidi and I attended the bat flight at Carlsbad Caverns National Park the only restriction was that you couldn’t use flash. I was really bummed to find that now absolutely NO photography is allowed. After talking to the ranger, I found out it is probably due to the annoying high-pitched beeps […]