St. Louis’ Citygarden, MO

My uncle used to live in St. Louis and highly recommended that we check out the relatively new Citygarden – a large urban park and sculpture garden located in downtown Saint Louis. We walked to the park after our visit to the Gateway Arch and the sun had begun to warm up the day.

The park features some fascinating sculptures (and some odd ones) by such artists as Fernand Léger, Keith HaringIgor MitorajGeorge Rickey (who also has a piece at our own Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences). Some of my favorites were Mitoraj’s Eros Bendato, a large bronze head laying on its side (which Trey could walk into and stand upright), and Aristide Maillol‘s La Rivière, a sculpture of a nude woman who appears to be falling into the water below her.

Trey got a kick out of the rain gardens which he could play around (and in) as well as the spray plaza which took all his might to resist getting soaking wet in. Before leaving we ran across a puzzling installation piece of a automatic player piano with a stuffed pink flamingo standing at it (video below).


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