Pike’s Peak, CO

Pike’s Peak was the most memorable location for Trey from our trip. He often refers to it as “that mountain with the snow.” He was so excited to get to play in the snow and throw snowballs.

Before going up the long 19-mile stretch of road to the peak I checked the oil in the car and noticed the cap to the brake fluid was missing. Who knows when it fell off during our trek across desert. As a precaution we had the brake lines flushed and the cap replaced before heading up. That road is notorious for its steep grade and lack of side rails.

At the top we played in the snow, watched the cog rail train arrive, and checked out the visitor center. That building’s heat was so high that it was stifling – especially after being outside in the windy 20 degrees.

On the way back down the mountain we stopped at area with a rock formation known as “Devil’s Playground.” It seems to have gotten its name because the ground there collects a charge during electrical storms which makes lightning seem to dance between the rocks.


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