The Crest

This series of black & white images was made at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, one of our favorite vacation spots in the US. The diversity in the ecology and landscape is so humbling. In fact, that entire region is a beautiful example of unity in diversity.

These photos were taken on one of our hikes up the dunes. I had been focusing on wide landscape shots when I started to notice the intricate patterns and details in the sand at my feet. Most impressive was the fine line across the top of each dune – the crest. As the sun began to drop in the sky the contrast between light and shadow was accentuated and the wind-carved lines in the sand seem to pop out.

The crest is the ultimate dividing line. Created by a powerful yet invisible force that separates the light from the dark and makes perfectly smooth that which was wrought with chaos.

The first image below won 1st Place in the Middle Georgia Art Association’s 2011 Parallels juried exhibit and 2nd Place in the 2011 Georgia National Fair‘s monochromatic Textures photography competition.


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