Camping in the San Juan Nat’l Forest

Our chilliest night of camping on the entire trip was in the San Juan National Forest. It was a frigid 22 degrees by midnight. I wanted to shoot some star trails but the cold was so miserable that I’d run out, open the camera shutter, and run back into the tent to cuddle up with Trey and Heidi. 30 minutes later, I’d run back out, close the shutter, look at the image, change some settings, and open the shutter again. This went on for two hours before I finally got a shot I was satisfied with.

In the morning, our tent had a layer of ice over it and Heidi & Trey ate breakfast in the car with the heat on. Later as the sun began peeking through the trees and thawing things out, we explored a bit around the camp site before heading south to Mesa Verde.


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  1. Beautiful pics and I’m wondering what species the blue bird is? It looks like some kind of a jay?

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