Colorado National Monument

Folks around Grand Junction and Fruita, Colorado just call it “The Monument.” It was there long before man first settled this remote area in western Colorado. What fascinated me most about this National Monument’s history was the story of the area’s first explorer, John Otto who called it “the heart of the world.” The man discovered this natural treasure in 1907 and made it his personal mission to make its beauty and grandeur known to the nation. Only four years later, he had convinced President Taft to establish the area as a National Monument.

It’s a pretty simple NPS site: one campground, one road. That road, however, offers spectacular views of Monument Canyon as it winds (often frighteningly) along the edges of the canyon’s walls. Trey and I spent one night there at the campground and explored the northwest rim of the canyon in the evening and the southeastern corner in the morning.

Here are some images that don’t nearly do enough justice to the incredible views seen from the edge of the canyon.


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