Scrap Metal Art in Hanksville, UT

One of my favorite things about driving across America off the interstate system is that you run into all sorts of wonderful surprises. On this road trip, one of those surprises was found in the tiny town of Hanksville, Utah.

On the side of the road I spotted dozens of dinosaurs made out of scrap metal sitting out in front of an abandoned motel. Trey also spotted them and insisted we pull over. We spent a good 45 minutes checking them out and Trey would ask me which dinosaur each scultpure was.

A big thank you to whatever anonymous genius left the art out there for us to enjoy!






One response to “Scrap Metal Art in Hanksville, UT”

  1. That is some very interesting and unique metal art! As someone else who works with metal ( I own a small ornamental iron shop in Salt Lake) I can really apreciate what you do! Beautiful work!

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