We ended our first day in Zion National Park with a leisurely stroll down Pa’rus Trail, a paved path that follows the river down to the campgrounds. Even though it is the most trafficked trail, we still saw some wildlife – a buck who was just chillin’ in the grass and a tarantula scurrying his little butt across the trail to avoid being squashed by a cyclist.

Though we couldn’t see the sun setting from inside the canyon, its golden light looked amazing on the peaks around us and it turned the skies to beautiful hues of purple and orange.

[youtube id=LmaMZmeS_hs]

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  1. Oh my gosh, you are one heck of a photographer! I found your website by accident. I had Googled Smokey The Bear images, and then clicked on one about the museum in New Mexico (I love New Mexico) and of course I then landed on your website. I’ve really enjoyed going through your travels. Keep photographing! You are so talented!

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