Hike to Scout Lookout in Zion

On our last day in Zion, the weather was still preventing us from heading up The Narrows so we opted for one of the more strenuous hikes instead. Trey and I headed up the West Rim Trail towards a peak called Angel’s Landing (the peak on the left in the image above). Angel’s Landing is known for its steep drop-offs and a cliff face you have to climb across while holding on to chains.

We hiked all the way up to Scout Lookout the last stop before the final (deadly) 1/2 mile to Angel’s Landing. The rainy weather and lightning made that stretch something an adult shouldn’t attempt, much less a 4-year-old.

Nonetheless, I was very proud of my son for hiking a total of 4.6 miles in the rain and over an elevation change of 1200 ft! I didn’t have to carry him once! To him the big payoff was getting to see chipmunks at the top. It also helped that we befriended a Swiss family with a cute 16-year-old girl that Trey fell in love with. He held her hand and grinned for most of the 2.3 miles down the mountain. I think he would have hiked another 4 miles with her if I’d let him.





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