When we would tell folks we were headed to San Diego they would always ask “Are you going to the zoo?” People spoke so highly of the San Diego Zoo that I was ready to bite the bullet and pay the $64(!!!) for Trey and I to go. However, we were blessed with a cousin of Erin’s who volunteers at the zoo and gave us free tickets (yeah!).

Trey was most excited about seeing giraffes and tigers. As usual with a 4-year-old, it wasn’t the main attractions that he enjoyed most. It was things like the gorilla statues he could climb on, the mini-playground made up of little tunnels like seals use in the arctic, and a decommissioned helicopter he could climb in and pretend to fly.

The day was really hot so we went for 3 hours in the morning, returned to Rachel & Erin’s for a nap, then went back to the zoo for 2 hours until they closed. The grand finale was a ride on the “sky safari” that took us up and over the zoo.

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