Manzano Mountains State Park, NM

On Sept. 18th we had to be in Albuquerque to pick Heidi up at the airport. I wanted to camp close enough to the city the night before so that we wouldn’t have to travel too far to meet her the following day. We ended up picking a state park nestled in the Manzano Mountains.

The park was on a pretty remote, forested mountainside and the minute we opened the car doors we were blasted with cool air and the sweet smell of pine & juniper. Even though park doesn’t have much to offer as far as amenities go (camping & and a 0.5 mile nature trail is it), the natural environment is enough to make it a worthwhile destination (proved by the fact that the campgrounds were so packed we had to camp in the overflow area).

I didn’t take many pictures since we pretty much just setup camp, ate, slept, ate, and took down camp. However, below are three video clips from our stay.


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