Panoramas from Down in Carlsbad Caverns

It was really hard to capture the immense size of the caverns 750 feet underground on camera. I ended up doing some panoramas, a couple of which were HDRs. The largest HDR panorama is a composite of 33 photos that creates a final image that has a resolution of 90 megapixels!

Panorama of Carlsbad Caverns

HDR Panorama of the “Fairy Land” that occupies a large portion of the 8.2 acre “Big Room”

Vertical HDR Panorama of the “Rock of Ages” Column


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  1. Pastor David

    Thanks for a great blog. I have never been out west, and I am living vicariously through your excellent pictures. Please keep it up. (When do you find time to edit each day?) See you in a couple of weeks.

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