Six years ago when Heidi and I attended the bat flight at Carlsbad Caverns National Park the only restriction was that you couldn’t use flash. I was really bummed to find that now absolutely NO photography is allowed. After talking to the ranger, I found out it is probably due to the annoying high-pitched beeps most digital cameras make when they focus and/or take pictures. You can turn the sound off on your camera but most folks don’t know how to do that. The ranger said that on busy weekends they can have up to 1500 people attend the bat flight. That’s a lot digital cameras beeping and bugging those bats!

Trey enjoyed the bat flight but got tired of it after a while (it lasted about an hour). He spent a good portion of the time asking questions to a very kind (and patient!) ranger. She was great about explaining things to him so he could understand.

Here are the photos I took before the hundreds of thousands of bats began pouring from the cave’s mouth. You want to see my photos & video from six years ago, head over to our archives.

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