We pulled into Monahans Sandhills State Park after dark and set up camp. Trey went to sleep not realizing how big the sandbox he would get to play in was going to be.

Before sunrise I got up and headed to the top of a dune to take pictures. A bit later Trey woke up and joined me. Still in his pajamas, he just ran up and down the dunes giggling with delight. Despite a few faceplants, our time in this park was nothing but fun.

After breakfast we hiked north up the tallest dune (70 feet) and on to an unused oil rig. It was a nice little educational moment where Trey listened attentively to my explanation of why the massive black metal structure was there and what its purpose was.

The one major downside to the sandhills was, you guessed it, SAND! It was in our tent, in our clothes, in our hair, everywhere! Thankfully, the park had a bath house where we could shower and clean off most of the grit.

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