After the cattle drive in Fort Worth we swung by downtown Dallas where we let the kids cool off in a fountain (it was about 100 degrees with no cloud cover). Not only did they enjoy it, but so did all the business men & women passing by who got quite a laugh at the kids running around insanely happy to have water squirting out of the ground.

With them all thoroughly drenched we then headed one block over to the infamous site were JFK was assassinated. I explained the story to Trey and he was really fascinated by the “bad guy” Oswald in the red building. Here he is retelling the tale (with a text transcript below). Later versions progressed to involve Batman catching Oswald.

The president was driving this way,
then he turned his car and was he was going this way,
and the bad guy was up in that red building
and he shot him!
POW! Like that.
And everybody was so sad.

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