After visiting friends in Clinton, MS I decided to drive a couple hours in the dark while Trey slept. The following day we had quite a trek to Dallas so I figured this would cut down on some of his time awake in the car.

Northern Louisiana doesn’t offer much for camping in parks so we headed a few miles north of the interstate to D’Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge. Camping is prohibited in refuge areas so we just slept in the car.

Just before sunrise we got up and hiked down into Bayou D’Arbonne where we saw a beautiful sunrise, flocks of birds, and all sorts of interesting swampy vegetation. The highlight for Trey was when we ran across a bunch of construction vehicles which he enjoyed climbing on and pretending to drive.

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  1. Great pics as always! I believe you are the best photographer I know. (I don’t very many, by the way.)
    I grew up in West Monroe fishing on D’Arbonne Bayou. Memories.

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