Tannehill was the site of several iron furnaces used during the Civil War to create iron for cannons, munitions, rifles, and all sorts of other accessories of war for the Confederacy. At its peak, its four furnaces were turning out 22 tons of iron a day!

After setting up our campsite we walked across the park to the iron furnaces. Trey was really interested in what the giant stone buildings were used for so I gave him a thorough explanation. A few minutes later we passed someone else on the trail and he gleefully announced to them “We’re going to the iron thing where old people fight.” I suppose that is a decent 10 word summary of my 10 minute lecture.

On a side note, we have been doing “primitive camping” where we simply have a site to put up our tent and sometimes a picnic table to prepare & eat food on. No water or electrical hookups. It’s mainly to save money. Most parks charge $20-$30 for a regular campsites with hookups because RVs use those and can pull some serious electricity at 220V. The primitive sites range from $8-$14.

Walking across the park we passed through three regular campsite areas full of RVs sporting Bama sports decorations. I was amazed at how many of these new RVs had large, HD, flat-screen TVs embedded in a compartment on their sides. We must have seen at least six families whose kids were either watching cartoons or playing video games on them. What a completely different definition of “camping” we have!

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