Our first day of travel was a great balance of driving and sight-seeing. We drove a little over 2 hours to the state line where we took a little photo & bathroom break.

Another 45 minutes and we were in the Talledega National Forest at Cheaha State Park. After picnicking and hiking for a couple hours, we hopped back in the car.

Two hours later we were at Tannehill Historic State Park just west of Birmingham. There we set up camp and visited the Civil War era iron furnaces before sundown.

Trey couldn’t wait to sleep in the tent. In fact, he was a bit too excited and then took over an hour to actually doze off!

We’ll post more photos and info on the two Alabama parks later.

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  1. Hey guys,I’m envious of your travels and encounters along the way..love your postings. By the way what did you find in Birmingham with the Civil War iron works? I’m a Civil War relics or history buff and would have liked to have seen some pics. You guys are going to be famous for your travels, don’t know if you remember a fellow TV personality by the name of Charles Kuralt(sic) who did a travel blog on America..Keep up the good work and have fun, Jerry

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