Utah Landscape

We’ve had some trouble in San Fran – mostly involving the car. It was limping through the deserts of Nevada with a cracked windshield, leaking engine coolant and oil, a broken water pump, and a “Service Engine Soon” light that wouldn’t go off. We spent our first day in San Fran doing laundry and having the car serviced. The second day was meant to be a tourist day for us, but that morning I found the car had been broken into. The driver side vent window was smashed. Oddly enough, nothing was stolen. Maybe it was an accident. I kindof wish they had stolen something so that I could at least have some logical reason as to why it happened.

Downtown San Francisco

Soo…. Wednesday was spent with the car in another shop getting the front windshield crack fixed and the smashed window too. After dropping off the car we walked several miles to get to Fisherman’s Warf to take the ferry to Alcatraz but we were too late and the tickets were all sold out. Another day wasted.

But on Thursday we drove down Highway 1 to Big Sur, a really cool beach and cliffs area. We had a great time photographing the harbor seals and wildlife and we risked our lives climbing jagged rock cliffs. Quite the thrill.

Big Sur at Sunset

Other good news is that we got our first 16 rolls of film developed – 12 color and 4 black&white. We are proud to say that they are the best photos we have ever taken. Part One of Hauns Go West is quite the photo album. The digitals on the website were meant to be more of a narrative of our trip. These are our artsier shots and we are already planning to submit some as an exhibit for the next Project Creo show in St. Petersburg.

And now – off to Yosemite, Sequoia, and Las Vegas – yeah, Vegas baby!!

As you may have noticed, the website is down. Once it is back up I will try and put our San Fran, Big Sur, Lake Tahoe, and Calveras Big Tree photos up. At least by Sunday night we’ll have hi-speed internet access at our hotel in Vegas – yeah, Vegas baby!!!

William and Heidi

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