A densely wooded park nestled in lush, rolling hills, this area was once an Osage Indian settlement.

Wow, was this a rough stay.  We got to the campground before dark and set up our tent.  Ate some Pork & Beans and pretty much went straight to bed.  Then at 1am a HUGE thunderstorm hit us.  The rain came down in buckets until 6AM.  At 5:30am we were forced to abandon the tent because it was filling with water and we spent the last bit of the night sleeping in the car.  Whew.  We’re feeling the lack of sleep today.

On our way out of the park in the morning, we saw several deer and a flock of turkeys.  The deer let us get pretty close to take pictures before prancing off.  The turkeys were awesome – the would respond with a chorus of “gooble-goobles” every time I honked the horn.  (yes, I honked it a lot)

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