Garden of Eden, KS

Samuel Perry Dinsmoor, a retired schoolteacher, Civil War Veteran, farmer and Populist politician, began building the Garden of Eden and Cabin Home in 1907 at the age of 64. For 22 years he fashioned 113 tons (2,273 sacks) of cement and many tons of limestone into his unique “log” cabin with its surrounding sculptures. A corner of the site contains Dinsmoor’s mausoleum, within which, at his request, his body remains visible through a glass-topped coffin.

We arrived in Lucas just as the Garden of Eden was closing.  Lucky for us, we caught the girl before she headed out.  She let us in and wow – insane is hte only word to describe this place.  The man who built the place has some serious issues.  He was obessessed with building with concrete.  Everything on and around the house was made of concrete.  Most of the sculptures had religious conotations but some were political statements.





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