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TN-GA State Line

After the wedding we headed back home to Georgia on October 24th. We passed through Sweetwater, TN and stopped to say hi to my grandparents. Then, 62 miles later we made our final state line photo. What a trip!

Tim & Tiffany’s Wedding

Our last official stop on our six-week road trip was near Greeneville, TN to attend my cousin’s wedding. Tim was marrying his beautiful bride at a secluded resort at the foot of the Smokies. My wife drove up from Georgia to meet us and we […]

KY-TN State Line

Second to last state before we got home!

Journal: Australia vs. Key West

Mosquitoes, rice, and potholes. That would sum up what Heidi and I have unanimously agreed (all two of us) is the worst State in our glorious country (wave your little flag, hand over your heart). Arkansas is full of mosquitoes, rice, and potholes – and […]

TN-AK State Line

You can’t stop on the bridge over the Mississippi River to take your picture by this state line sign, so here’s the shots Heidi got as we drove across.

Memphis, TN

After visiting the grotto we meandered through downtown and headed over to Mud Island River Park.

AL-TN State Line