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Dauchite Park, Dixie Inn, LA

After a couple hours of driving we needed a bathroom break so I pulled up Google Maps on my iPhone to see what was around (there’s not much in northern Louisiana). It showed a little city park at the next exit so we took it. […]

D’Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge, LA

After visiting friends in Clinton, MS I decided to drive a couple hours in the dark while Trey slept. The following day we had quite a trek to Dallas so I figured this would cut down on some of his time awake in the car. […]

LA-TX State Line

Trey was pumped about seeing his buddy Zach in Texas. That’s all he talked about at this little state line photo break. “Is this Zach’s house? Is this Zach’s house?” “No, Trey. It’s a res stop.”

New Orleans, LA

We were pretty beat when we arrived in New Orleans and so we didn’t do all that much. Our hotel was right by the infamous Bourbon St. so we took a walk down there. Quite the crazy place on a Saturday night. We ate at […]

Journal: Eat My Sub… or Else!

I believe I’m safe in saying that most people are in a daze the first 10-15 minutes after they wake up. So you can hardly blame Heidi for being confused when a large, scruffy, bearded man wearing a leather biker jacket approaches her as she […]

Sea Rim State Park, TX

Sea Rim refers to that portion of the Gulf shoreline where marsh grasses meet the surf. These marshlands formed when silt from the Sabine River delta was carried down the beach by longshore currents. A unique environment, Sea Rim provides a valuable habitat for many […]