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Journal: Surfing USSR

Dear Friends of Arkansas, We must open this letter with an apology. Our snide comments in the last letter were directed towards Arkansas and we should point out that they were meant only towards EAST Arkansas. The Ozarks of West Arkansas redeemed the state. A […]

Journal: Australia vs. Key West

Mosquitoes, rice, and potholes. That would sum up what Heidi and I have unanimously agreed (all two of us) is the worst State in our glorious country (wave your little flag, hand over your heart). Arkansas is full of mosquitoes, rice, and potholes – and […]

AK-MO State Line

Blanchard Spring Caverns, AZ

The Blanchard Spring Caverns were an unexpected stop in Arkansas. While driving through the Ozarks, a huge storm hit us and we decided to pull into the Blanchard Springs area. A tour just happen to be starting when we arrived, so we took it. Definitely […]

TN-AK State Line

You can’t stop on the bridge over the Mississippi River to take your picture by this state line sign, so here’s the shots Heidi got as we drove across.