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Trey Pics: AL-TX

Trey has an old digital point-n-shoot of ours that he sometimes likes to take photos with. Here are a couple of his images from the first few days of our trip.

Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park, AL

Tannehill was the site of several iron furnaces used during the Civil War to create iron for cannons, munitions, rifles, and all sorts of other accessories of war for the Confederacy. At its peak, its four furnaces were turning out 22 tons of iron a […]

Cheaha State Park, AL

The word Cheaha comes from the Creek Indian word “Chaha” which means “high place.” Nestled in the Talladega National Forest, Cheaha State Park holds the highest point in all of Alabama and is the state’s largest, and oldest state park. When we arrived we had […]

AL-MS State Line

As soon as we got to the Mississippi state line the car started acting up. One of the new spark plugs I had installed before we left was bad and misfiring a lot. Thankfully, we found a mechanic with the same national chain that installed […]

GA-AL State Line

Our first day of travel was a great balance of driving and sight-seeing. We drove a little over 2 hours to the state line where we took a little photo & bathroom break. Another 45 minutes and we were in the Talledega National Forest at […]

Journal: Australia vs. Key West

Mosquitoes, rice, and potholes. That would sum up what Heidi and I have unanimously agreed (all two of us) is the worst State in our glorious country (wave your little flag, hand over your heart). Arkansas is full of mosquitoes, rice, and potholes – and […]

AL-TN State Line

Coon Dog Cemetery, AL

This is the only graveyard of its kind in the world. Only coon hounds are allowed to be buried. Troop was the first dog laid to rest on September 4, 1937.

GA-AL State Line

We ate our continental breakfast (oh so yummy), swiped enough bananas to get through the day, and took off at 7AM.  Being Sunday there is NOBODY on the road.  Easy driving.  After taking our state line photos I made a friend who wanted to tag […]