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TN-GA State Line

After the wedding we headed back home to Georgia on October 24th. We passed through Sweetwater, TN and stopped to say hi to my grandparents. Then, 62 miles later we made our final state line photo. What a trip!

KY-TN State Line

Second to last state before we got home!

Il-IN State Line

We missed the Illinois state line photo since it was in the middle of the bridge over the Mississippi River. The next morning we stopped at the Indiana state line on our way to Kentucky and its Mammoth Cave.

KS-MO State Line

We crossed the river into Missouri as the sun was beginning to go down. Man, that drive across Kansas was brutally long and boring! A quick stop to grab our state line photo and then we headed off to a park to meet Brooke Weins, […]

CO-KS State Line

We left Colorado Springs and began the long (and boring) interstate drive from west to east across Kansas. After about two hours we hit the state line and hoped out for our mandatory photo – just as we had done eleven times before on this […]

UT-CO State Line

Leaving Utah, we headed into Colorado to camp at Colorado National Monument and then pick Heidi up in Grand Junction. I’ve always been a fan of Colorado’s unique state line markers, but this one had suffered quite a bit of vandalism.

AZ-UT State Line

Driving from Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada to Utah’s Zion National Park means you have to pass through a small snippet of Arizona. You’ll notice in these pictures that Trey is missing. He had just fallen asleep 10 minutes before the state line […]

CA-NV State Line

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ve figured out that we aren’t actually in California or Nevada anymore – we’re in our last week headed back to Georgia. The primitive camping and travel has kept me from downloading & editing pictures along the […]

AZ-CA State Line

CALIFORNIA! We made it! Eleven days after Trey and I left Macon, we finally arrived in Cali. The trip has gone by so fast it hardly seems like we’ve been gone so long. Trey is still hanging in there and having a blast each and […]

NM-AZ State Line

Our first state line to cross as a family! Heidi joined us in Albuquerque then we drove into Arizona the next day.